My favorite way to earn a little extra cash is on Poshmark! For those of you who don’t know what it is, Poshmark is a marketplace for buying and selling fashion items such as clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more. Whether you’re using the website or app, becoming a Poshmark seller is absolutely free and so easy! In just a matter of minutes, your unwanted fashion items will be shared to millions of users and up for grabs to purchase. Shop markets from women’s, men’s, luxury, or wholesale (just to name a few) with over 5,000 brands at unbeatable prices.

As someone who loves staying up to date on the latest fashion trends, I began selling some of my clothes when I realized I didn’t have near enough room for all the stuff that I thought I needed. Those heels that I HAD to have (so I thought) for my high school graduation that I wore once? As many times as I told myself I would find the perfect occasion to wear them again, I finally gave in and knew someone else could give them the love they really deserved. When I made my first sale on Poshmark it was like something clicked and I became addicted to cleaning out my closet on a weekly basis in order to bring in some extra cash just to spend it the next day on more clothes and shoes. I joined Poshmark in 2013 and I haven’t looked back since. Believe me when I saw I’ve tried ALMOST every single selling app out there and this one is by far my favorite. It is so easy to navigate, post, buy, and connect with other people. Since 2013, I’ve made thousands of dollars just by selling the items I no longer want and also bought some of my favorite items that other people no longer want!

I’ve gained over 60 thousand followers, become a Posh Ambassador, been recognized as a top seller and fast shipper, and been rated a 4.9 out of 5 seller by my buyers. Anyone else get so excited when they know a package is being delivered to your door step today? I’m so guilty of it. Because of this, I make sure to package each item up with tissue paper, a handwritten note, and ribbon as it makes opening the package so much more exciting. It makes the biggest difference in the ratings and reviews that you receive from your buyers.

Whether you’re looking to clear out some closet space or bring in some extra spending moolah, Poshmark is the place to start. Let me help you earn your first $5 by signing up with my Poshmark code, ABERZ . Check out my closet here!

Feel free to reach out to me in the comments section or shoot me an email on my contact page with all your burning questions you may have! This post is in no way sponsored – just me sharing the easiest and my favorite money making hobby with you!

XO, Abigail

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