MJ Jewels

MJ Jewels


Multicolor Lariat Crescent
Double Layer Drusy
White Horn Lariat
Blue Simple Arrowhead


Okay, okay… Raise your hands if you’re dying for one of these handmade necklaces! Seriously, how perfect are they?!  I’m so obsessed and you’ll almost ALWAYS catch me wearing them. Whether I have just one of them on or pair multiple together, I always get a ton of compliments so I thought it was time to share the love 

Let me introduce to you, MJ Jewels!!! It just so happens that the beauty behind these pieces is my best friend, Macy Tatman. Macy is a student at the University of Kentucky and enjoys creating jewelry in her free time. ~ Let me know if you’re best friend is this cool… yep, didn’t think so. ~

Statement necklaces are trending for this spring and if you haven’t already, plan on purchasing some ASAP!  They bring so much character to an outfit, that’s why I have paired my necklaces with a plain tank and blouse so they are the main focal points of the outfit.  I can never describe the necklaces like I want to; they are so simple and fun, yet such a statement piece that sticks out it’s a tad bit tough to call them simple.. But that’s what makes them so much better, right?!

Not only are these necklaces perfect statement pieces, but Macy’s price is so hard to pass up. Don’t we all HATE going into a store and finding the most beautiful jewelry, then putting it right back down when we look at the price tag? Not in this case!! Prices range from $15-$25, or you can save $ and bundle!

The pictures I have shared are just a few of the designs that she has created, but there are so many more! So, do us all a favor and go check out her instagram page { MJ Jewels } and let her create something for you!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to tag XO, Abigail  + MJ Jewels in your pictures when you receive your pieces! Until next time..

XO, Abigail 

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