First Blog...YAY!

First Blog….YAY!

First Blog….YAY!

→ OMG, first blog post, eeeeek!!!

I cannot express how happy I am to start contributing to the blogging world! I wanted to share with y’all a few reasons as to why I created XO, Abigail.

  1. I love everything fashion & beauty and want to share my favorite products/finds.
  2. I have been an avid blog reader for a couple years now and think it is something I am going to really enjoy doing in my free time.
  3. I am excited to/cannot wait to connect with other bloggers that inspire me!I hope to be an inspiration to them as well.
  4. I am excited to have a new outlet to share my creativity with others.

With that being said, I wanted my first blog post to introduce what my vision is for XO, Abigail and invite y’all to share your ideas and feedback with me.  Whether you love or hate a post, I think it is important to get other opinions on what I can do better for my followers (remember I am new to this!). If you have requests that you would like to see on the site, let me know and I would absolutely love to create what you have in mind.

If you haven’t already, check out my ABOUT page to get to know me a little bit more. As always, thank you so much for visiting XO, Abigail and check back soon for more! I would love to start connecting so please reach out to introduce yourself and feel free to share with others that you think would enjoy my page!

XO, Abigail